Our Team

Joseph Bachman

Joseph is the COO and Co-Founder of Blue Alpine, a property consultancy specialising in commercial real estate and residential development.  Joseph is also a Partner and investment manager for the Lyonwood Group, a property investment company with a broad portfolio of commercial and residential holdings.  Joseph previously worked in the City for hedge funds and private equity, this knowledge and experience has helped Lyonwood and Blue Alpine with fundraising and co-investment opportunities.

“Be true to your word. It is not solely about a vision; the ability and drive to delivery is key to achieving results.” – Joseph Bachman


Prash Jaitley

Prash is a Managing Director and Co-Founder of Blue Alpine as well as a Partner of the Lyonwood Group. He has a long-standing career in commercial property, with a vast network and robust relationships in the sector.  Prash is an entrepreneur, he started his first company at the age of 19 years old, his strategic vision drives the growth of Lyonwood and Blue Alpine.

“The path to success and the path to failure are almost exactly the same, don’t let the fear stop you.” – Prash Jaitley


Mitul Popat

Mitul is the CFO and Co-Founder of Blue Alpine and Partner of the Lyonwood Group. He previously worked in Europe for a successful stock market trading company. As a trader and Partner of the firm, he gained a series of skills transferable to the property sector. This knowledge and financial background have helped shape the foundation of Lyonwood and Blue Alpine.

“The difference between mediocre and strong return on investment is understanding the investment angles and stress testing various scenarios for deals” – Mitul Popat